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Poppy's Ponderings

One Part Intense, One Part Not So Intense

Poppy Palindrome
4 March
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Hey... I'm Noelani. I play the flute, I like orange juice, I write stories, and I act in an improv group. I really like Rennaisance Faires, peacoats, and boots. I can draw all right-- which is to say that I can draw cartoons-- and I also like walking, getting lost with friends, and pearls.

When I grow up, I want to be Batman.
a clash of kings, a dirty job, a game of thrones, a storm of swords, acting, adult swim, anansi boys, animal farm, animaniacs, arcade fire, army of darkness, arrested development, avatar: the last airbender, batman: the animated series, batman: the killing joke, big bang theory, bioshock, booster gold, brave new world, burn notice, cannibal! the musical, cat's cradle, choke, chuck palahniuk, crisis on infinite earths, cthulu dice, dancing, dark crystal, david bowie, deadliest warrior, death cab for cutie, dethklok, donnie darko, dr. horrible's singalong blog, drawing, elton john, epica, eternal darkness: sanity's requiem, fightclub, frankenstein, futurama, ghost adventures, glukoza, hamlet, haunted, hell's kitchen, his dark materials, house, house of leaves, howl's moving castle, inception, ink, invader zim, jackass, jem, john denver, kick-ass, kurt vonnegut, labyrinth, lamb, lies of locke lamora, lullaby, mirrormask, modern marvels, momento, monty python's flying circus, mozart, mythbusters, nightwish, nineteen eighty-four, orange juice, pickles, pinky and the brain, playing the flute, portal, psych, queen, reading, reading rainbow, red hot chili peppers, roleplaying, scott pilgrim, scrubs, seinfeld, session 9, sigur ros, silent hill 2, slaughterhouse-five, spirited away, squirrel nut zippers, tangled, the beatles, the belles of bedlam, the boondock saints, the clockwork quartet, the dark knight, the ditty bops, the eagles, the evil dead, the fall, the flash, the last unicorn, the lion king, the office, the original star wars, the police, the postal service, the price, the princess bride, the puppini sisters, the room (ha-ha), the rotten tomatoes, the trumpeter of krakow, the weekenders, the who, they might be giants, thief and the cobbler, this is spinal tap, tiramisu, tosh.o, trans-siberian orchestra, v for vendetta, van halen, vivaldi, watchmen, whose line, wipeout, wishbone, within temptation, writing, zombieland