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All right, so I'm going to start this off with the good news. I've been commissioned! Yay! ... Now, what "commissioned' means (for those of you not savvy in the trading of online arts) is that I'm drawing a picture with the chances of being paid. Yay! Payment! It... probably won't be a lot, but anything helps.

Which leads me to my next point.

... I started today with 1,112 dollars. I now have 443, and I still need to buy tires, an oil change, and gas for two more weeks. I am in so much trouble it -hurts-, and I knew I would be.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. If maybe, I dunno, anyone who was considering buying me something instead buy me a tire? Or just give me money? It would really help. I -need- this right now. I really -hate- to ask for help like this, but I -need- it. Seriously, if anyone bought me a tire for my birthday and gave it to me early, I would cry and hug you and probably be your best friend forever. Because my tires are shot. And I don't want to die in a horrific car crash. You'd be giving me life for my birthday.

Seriously. For all of you people who don't know what to get me, send me some money. Then I'll take a picture of me and the tire, doing a thumbs up... just so you know you -are- appreciated.

Really, at this point, I don't want pajamas, I don't want gift cards, I don't want some present themed to my tastes. Yes, they're beautiful and I love them and it's great, but I am in so much debt right now that... honestly, a tire would make me -so happy- you don't even know. Slap a bow on it and write me a birthday card on printer paper. It would be the best gift ever.

I just need help.

Now for those of you with no intention of buying me a birthday gift (which I totally understand, by the way... I'm broke, too), I am willing to do a commission for you! You don't even have to pay me much. Five dollars? For a whole picture, no less. Of whatever you want. ... I need help. I need it bad.

Seriously. Will draw for tires.

So Much to Think About

I'm bad about ignoring things that stress me out. In fact, I'm very bad about that. I don't want to check my West America account because... well, what if the direct deposit didn't go through? Then I'd have to deal with that. I still have to pay my bills for this month, buy new tires for my car, and an oil change, along with books for this semester.
But enough of that. I also watched The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus today... it was pretty interesting. Also? I found out just the other day that I have Snow White hair. And I'm going to share that with you all now.


Excuse me, I need to go sing with some birds now.

Yes: Another Livejournal

For those of you who used to follow me on my old journal, I moved to this one because that one was embarrassing. It had posts from my angsty high school phase... and from my "lookit me, I'm kooky!" phase. I like to think I've finally settled down.

I came back to LiveJournal because I have a lot more to say than I can manage to say in 420 characters. So I here I am, Facebook friends... assuming any of you will follow this.

It looks good on the box... don't let it fool you.

Today I tried Archer Farms Spinach and Goat Cheese Pizza. I'm trying to eat better, and this seemed like one way to do it. My brother and I start out on a slice for each of us, chewing slowly and dreading the circle of goat cheese that we can both see, just sitting there near the crust and taunting us with its... goatness. So then we take a bite, right? Well, I take a bite... my brother eats the whole damn circle of it. We both nearly vomit, collapsing against the sink or running our hands through our hair, groaning and mushing the gunk around in our mouths and wishing we weren't so freaking stupid.

Long story short: don't eat goat cheese. It's freaking gross.

Also! I have been saying "one part intense, one part not so intense" a lot lately and I figure I should at least explain why. My friends, I'm a proud Level 3:

I work in the Seattle's Best Cafe in my local Borders. I really love it there, but a recent promo has me questioning... I mean, I understand it makes it easier for non-coffee drinkers, or beginners, or what have you... but the coffee tastes nothing like the coffees we used to make that they insist are the same thing. For instance, Level 2 is supposed to be our Colombian, but ended up tasting... nothing like Columbian. And don't get me started on our newest blend, the Level 1-- specially designed for this promo... a new, bright blend with subtle tones of dried up dog shit.

So anyway, I'm a level three, and its saying is-- I kid you not-- "one part intense, one part not so intense". The rest of them got "bold and balanced" or "rich, elegant, complex". And this one... it's like they were all in a meeting and couldn't decide what cute little tagline to give it.
"Christ, you guys, we've been here for hours. How do we describe this thing?" 

"Um... I dunno... it's kind of... just... coffee-tasting. I really can't thingk of any outstanding qualities." 

"Damn. Ah... what about 'one part intense, one part not so intense'?"

"That works. If nothing else, we can sit back here and make fun of it on off-days."

I have since come to love the phrase, and find myself using it as much as I can. So yeah. That's the story for today. I'll see you all around.


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